Managed Broadband Service

Removes the headache of Internet & broadband management

IPGovernor managed broadband service provides fastest, reliable and cost-effective network connectivity to maximize uptime and avoid processing disruptions. We source, provision, manage the break-fix process as well as consolidate all your internet service provider (ISP) bills into a single invoice.

As part of our managed broadband service, IPGovernor:

  • Researches and selects the fastest, most cost-effective broadband (internet) service for your needs.
  • Orders, configures and provisions broadband services for each of your sites.
  • Manages the billing relationship with each ISP and only sends you one bill for all your sites.
  • Provides proactive, 24x7x365 network support and monitoring to keep your service up and running.
  • Handles any break-fix issues with the ISP to save you time and get your network back online as soon as possible.
  • Gives you uptime reports for each site through our IPGovernor cloud-based Dashboard.
  • Enables you for automatic backup network connectivity.

Primary and secondary connections

We manage both your primary and secondary broadband connections and get each location set up for seamless failover and failback support in the event of an internet outage.

Benefits of Managed Broadband Service

  • Hand off carrier management to increase efficiencies and save time and money
  • Increase your network reliability to minimize disruptions and downtime
  • Take advantage of the best available ISP connection for each location
  • Get proactive monitoring and alerts to quickly identify outages

We manage your networks so you don’t have to.

Security is our priority. You get connectivity and visibility into every location.

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